Aikido Glossary

nikyo undo (二教運動)

wrist exercise for the second throw

sankyo undo (三教運動)

wrist exercise for the third throw

kote gaeshi (小手返し)

wrist turn exercise

funakogi undo (船漕ぎ運動)

rowing exercise

shomen uchi undo (正面打運動)


zengo undo (前後運動)

two-direction blocking

happo undo (八方運動)

eight-direction blocking

sayu undo (左右運動)

side motion exercise

tekubi fori undo (手首振り運動 )

shake out hands

tenkan (転換)

pivoting exercise around a vertical axis

ukemi (受身)

backward or forward rolls

agura (胡座)

sitting cross-legged being pushed from behind

ikkyo (一教)

first arm pin

nikkyo (二教)

second arm pin with wrist twist

sankyo (三教)

third arm pin with wrist twist

yonko (四教)

fourth arm pin with nerve pressure

irimi nage (入身投げ)

any entering throw

kaiten nage (回転投げ)

rotary throw

kokyo nage (呼吸投げ)

any technique using ONLY timing or balance

koshi nage (腰投げ)

hip throw

kote gaeshi (小手返し)

wrist turning throw

shiho nage (四方投)

four direction throw (under the arm)

tenkan (転換)

turning version of a throw

tenchi nage (天地投)

heaven and earth throw (from ryote tori)

juji nage (十字投げ)

elbow lock

jo (杖)

wooden staff about 50 inches long

bokken (木剣)

wooden practice sword

tanto (短刀)

wooden knife

men tsuki (面突き)

punch to stomach or face

shomen uchi (正面打ち)

strike downward to top of head

yokomen uchi (横面打ち)

diagonal strike to temple or neck

katate tori (片手取り)

wrist grab with one hand

kata tori (肩取り)

shoulder or label grab with one hand

ryote tori (両手取り)

grab both wrists

ryo kata tori (両肩取り)

grab both shoulders or labels

katate ryote tori (片手両手取り)

grab one wrist with two hands

ushiro (後ろ)

attacks from behind

ushiro kata tori (後ろ肩取り)

grab both shoulders from behind

ushiro hiji tori (後ろ肘取り)

grab both elbows from behind

ushiro tekubi tori (後ろ手首取り)

grab both wrists from behind

ushiro kubi shime (後ろ首締め)

wrist grab and choke from behind

keri (蹴り)


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